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Le 15/12/2021

Let's talk about Europe in Lille Metropole

In the framework of the conference on the future of Europe and French presidency of the EU Council, Lille Metropole organises a debate, open to its 1.14 million inhabitants, about Europe.

 Following the law about the reinforcement of French Metropoles (loi MAPTAM), the 1st of January 2015, Lille Metropole became in the french dénomination "Métropole Européenne de Lille" or MEL.

Seven years after this name adaptation and given the very specific European context in the first half of 2022, Lille Metropole will organise a debate in the coming months on this “European” qualitative of Lille Metropole.

The debate will be launched through a survey that deals with different aspects of our denomination, in particular with the way in which citizens have been sensitive or not to the addition of the European adjective on the name of their metropolis and whether this leads to particular reflections or expectations. Furthermore we tackle 3 specific scale levels divided into three parts:

  • Europe in citizens daily lives,
  • Europe nearby, more precisely the territory of the French Belgian cross border agglomeration "Eurometropolis Lille-Kotrijk-Tournai of which Lille Metropole (MEL) is member
  • and finally the larger European context and the way the inhabitants of Lille Metropole consider themselves also as European citizens


Based on the results of this first step, which is the survey open from half december 2021 until half january 2022, Lille Metropole will organise 3 specific debates with interested citizens

Then, in May 2022, around Europe Day, a final session is foreseen, to conclude the project and to discuss about potential initiatives and actions.

The contributions of the debates who might be useful at European level will be transferred to the platform of the Conference on the Future of Europe.