Lille Metropole

Lille Metropole

Lille Metropole

A strong and plural identity

Lille Metropole is an area that is both urban and rural, where nature and agriculture mix with industry and high tech, where art and architecture mix with digitalization, where culture reaches all neighborhoods. It is a dynamic hub, home to many science and technology clusters such as Eurasanté, one of the major hospital and health research centers in Europe. 

Moreover, its economy rests upon  historical and innovative business sectors, whose  built heritage legacy now houses successful incubators for startups like Euratechnologies. The  designation of Lille Metropole as World Design Capital 2020 is another proof of the territory's capacity to reinvent itself by using design and creative methodologies to drive its economic, social, environmental and urban development.

Lille Metropole's map


A vibrant and young city

With one of the youngest population in France, Lille Metropole is also endowed with some of the best universities, engineering and business colleges counting more than 110,000 students. Therefore, the wide cultural offering, with museums and prestigious collections, exceptional sporting events and numerous innovative hubs keep reinforcing the urban region's attractivity. Lille Metropole provides Europe with the best assets it has to offer and moves each day forward to lead to future benefits for its companies and inhabitants.


Our initiatives


Environment and sustainable urban development

Lille Metropole shows strong political willingness to implement substantial environmental initiatives, promoting clean energies, alternative transportation modes in order to create a green and carbon-neutral urban space by 2050. 


As a key contemporary challenge, mobility ranks in Lille Metropole’s top priorities, regarding the impacts on the metropolitans’ life in terms of time, costs, security and health, but also as a key lever in adressing climate change in order to reach carbon neutrality in 2050.

Circular economy

Circular economy

Lille Metropole adopted its Circular Economy Strategy for 2021-2030, to « circularise resources to energize the territory and creation of local jobs ». Engraved in its Strategic Project of the Territory Economic Transformation (PSTET), Lille Metropole’s engagements fall in line with the European Green Deal objectives.

Innovation and economic development

Lille Metropole developed real ecosystems combining innovation, research, training, marketing and communication, embodied by excellency sites in 4 key sectors :

  • Digital, cultural and creative industries
  • Health and food
  • Textile and innovative materials
  • Tertiary sector, distribution and e-commerce
Excellency sites