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Le 21/09/2021

EU Regions Week 2021 – How can “public innovation labs" contribute to post-crisis resilience and the green transition?

On 13th of October (9:30 – 10:00), join Lille Metropole and Valencia, both World Design Capital, to our participatory lab dedicated to public innovation.

Cities have to face both economic and social recovery and green transition challenges. To overcome these challenges, local public administrations have developed their own innovation capacities, and particularly via the creation of “public innovation labs” based on design or user-centric methods: co-designing with citizens, experimenting, prototyping, testing and many other forms of innovation that will be discussed during this lab. These models will naturally nurture the New European Bauhaus.

After Helsinki in 2018, Torino in 2019, Lille Metropole invites Valencia, World Design Capital 2022 to a conversation which will focus on their experience of world design capital and how these methods have changed their way of developing new policies and drive green, inclusive transitions with citizens.

In small subgroups, participants will then share their own experiences of public innovation and public administration transformation and together will debate the added value of such methodologies and how they could contribute to a fair and green transition of cities.

We'll conclude with the prospect of accelerating the Green Deal locally through the New European Bauhaus, which is strongly inspired by designers and user-driven innovative methodologies.  

To join our participatory lab, please register with this link before 7/10/2021.