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Le 11/09/2020

World Design Policy Conference : Design, a tool for the resilience of our democracies ?

Lille Metropole 2020 World Design Policy Conference, a global platform to exchange ideas, insights and best practices of different countries, regions, and cities developing effective design policy

Design-led urban policies are increasingly recognized as critical to shaping the future prosperity and wellbeing of a city and its inhabitants. The World Design Policy Conference provides a global platform for the exchange of ideas, insights and best practices from different countries, regions, and cities that are developing effective design policy. The most content rich of the WDC Signature Events, its findings have the potential to set the foundation for a design-led legacy programme that benefits the design community and citizens and that resonates far beyond the designated WDC year.

Today, the societal crisis affecting most western countries and reinforced by the health and economic crises we are experiencing, threatens to undermine our democracies. How can design led policy making and other citizen-centred approaches make our democracies and governance systems more resilient  ?

From 19th to 23rd  of October, Lille Metropole 2020 World Design Policy Conference will question different axes on design as a tool for the resilience of our democratic systems through daily online workshops matching insights, experiences and research output from political scientists, philosophers, psychoanalysts, …, designers and policy making stakeholders.

Programme  :

  • Fundamental Freedoms, the changing foundation of our democracies ? Monday, October 19th, 3PM
  • Transparency of public action: a democratic guarantee? Tuesday, October 20th, 3PM
  • Solidarity : what will be remembered after? Wednesday, October 21st, 3PM
  • Design, a response to citizen anger? Thursday, October 22nd, 10AM
  • Citizenship: what commitment to take and to anticipate for the future? Thursday, October 22nd, 3PM
  • The battle of imaginaries: the Europe place? Friday, October 23rd, 3PM

More information at (available from 09/23)