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Le 29/12/2020

ViaID, a business accelerator for mobility start-ups

Based in Lille Metropole, ViaID has supported numerous successful mobility start-ups to develop in France and worldwide.

Created in 2010 by Mobivia, the European leader in vehicle maintenance and equipment, with over 2,070 workshops and automotive stores across its networks (Norauto, A.T.U, Midas and Carter-Cash), Mobivia has been a pioneer in the field of new mobility thanks to its business accelerator, Via ID which supports in the long term projects related to new modes of mobility: daily, smart, sustainable. Based in Lille Metropole, it is now also operating in Paris, Berlin, San Francisco and Singapore and support French but also international start-ups.

According to their stage of development, start-ups are either incubated at the Via ID incubator or accelerated through an investment programme. In a decade, ViaID has accompanied various successful mobility start-ups such as:

- Getaround (ex-Drivy), the world’s leading car-sharing company with 5 million users and 62.000 shared vehicles in 300 cities in the United States and in Europe;

- Heetch, a French ride-hailing app with 2 million users, 600.00 rides per months in 18 cities (France, Belgium and North Africa);

- Smoove, one of the world leader in bike sharing for cities (it equips the Paris 50.000 velib fleet for instance) active in 22 cities worldwide;

- Klaxit, commuting carpooling service with 2 million daily trip offered and more than 250 partnered companies;

- Xee, a service platform equipping 35.000 connected vehicles in European and analysing more than 1.2 billion signals everyday;

- Trusk, a delivery company (DIY, furniture, household appliances and construction) present in 8 French cities with 25.000 deliveries per months.

ViaID also developed a private circle for corporate interested in smart cities and new motility and have partnered with companies such as Transdev, Total, TomTom and Airbus.

If you want to explore and discover more start-ups incubated in ViaID on Lille Metropole’s territory follow this link.

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