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Le 17/05/2021

Towards a circular metropolis

The Lille Metropolitan Council has just adopted its new master plan for household waste and joined the circular cities Declaration promoted by ICLEI.

The first waste management programme in 1992 put in place innovative waste prevention and major investment initiatives such as the first and largest plant in France for the production of biogas from organic waste, supplying the bus fleet with biogas, and the centre for the energy recovery of waste producing electricity and heat and recently connected to a new 20 km urban heating network that supplies more than 70000 households.

Today, the new Master Plan 2021/2030 aims to accelerate waste reduction and move towards a more circular economy through 30 actions reflecting 4 major commitments:

  • Throw less
  • Sort more and better
  • Improve service to the resident in a high-quality public space
  • Modernising waste treatment

The policy will focus on:

  • Work towards a 15 % reduction in household garbage by 2030 (compared to 2010 quantities);
  • Reduce by 50 % the quantity of green and recyclable waste in non-recyclable part of the trash;
  • To provide the population with a solution for separating organic waste at source;
  • Reuse and recovery of 60 % of household waste in 2030;
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 37 % by 2030;

Among these actions are the revision of the Local Programme for the Prevention of Household and Similar Waste (PLPDMA), the identification of local actors capable of reusing or recycling secondary materials from sorting centres and metropolitan waste collection centres, the generalisation of neighbourhood composting, the deployment of reuse instructions, the harmonisation of the sorting instructions and the colour of bins in accordance with national regulations, the collection of waste from any plastic packaging or the voluntary collection of glass.

For the period from 2021 to 2026, a budget of EUR 81.5 million was adopted to pursue these objectives.

In addition, at the end of June, Lille Metropole will deliberate on its first circular economy action plan on non-household waste that is not directly within its competence. This plan will serve 4 industrial sectors : textile, construction and demolition, agrofood and logistics/retailing, encouraging them to close the loop of these major waste sources.

Considering its high ambitions, Lille Metropole has decided to sign the ICLEI Circular Cities Declaration joining more than 50 European signatory cities with which sharing best practices towards a more circular economy.