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Le 08/01/2021

Recovering dredged canal sediments for public works

SEDIMEL, an innovative ERDF funded project which experiments the recovery of sediments as new raw materials for public works, in a green and circular way.

The Sedimel project is part of the national “Sédimatériaux” initiative, initiated by the Hauts-de-France Region, the Institut des Mines-Télécom Lille Douai, the CD2E (circular economy and environment regional agency) and supported by the Ministry of Ecological and Social Transition and the Prefecture Hauts-de-France. This approach is aimed at the emergence of channels for the recovery of dredged sediments, particularly in the field of public works. More precisely, it consists of validating the geotechnical and environmental feasibility of recovering sediments for the intended uses. The ERDF supported a first experiment in Lille Metropole by financing the implementation of 3 “test” structures in Tourcoing, Bondues and Leers. One of the diverse applications of sediments recovery consists in producing precast concrete hollow cylinders to make reservoir pavements - hydrocyls – using sediments instead of sand in the concrete formula ;  with its high porosity, the  storage capacity of hydrocyl pavement is almost twice as large as a ballast tank structure..

In total, 500 tonnes of sediment will be used to backfill a sewage trench, create a parking lot and convert public spaces in a town center. The project is based on a circular economy logic : it consists in restoring the sediments to their status as resources instead of treating them as simple waste. If these tests prove to be successful, the use of this type of application could be generalized on MEL sites and disseminated to other communities.

Total Costs : 1 591 920 €

ERDF Grant : 1 114 345 €

For further information : here