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Le 11/12/2020

Raising awareness of children on ecomobility and safety

🚲 🛴 🏃 Lille Metropole has produced a booklet « on the road to school » for children from 6 to 10 years old in order to help raise their awareness on ecomobility and road safety.

This booklet proposes different types of activities to prepare children in being more autonomous on their way to school and to use public transport. 4 types of pedagogical and entertaining activities have been developed for teachers to accompany students on mobility issues.

👉 « School mapping ». This module is intended to make children reflect on their journeys between home and school by identifying the iconic places in their neighbourhood, by locating dangerous sports and crossings and by calculating their journey time.

👉 « Discussion kit ». Composed of paper origamis and cards, it is designed to help teachers engage with student and to launch discussion on ecomobility.

👉 « Mobilfestation ». It invites students to think about the themes and situations they wish to defend or denounce by using rhymes and poetry.

👉 « Eco-mobility challenge ». It has been developed as a team challenge to enhance engagement while being entertaining. For a week, the team has to explore other modes of travel on their way to school.

It is as early as primary school that children are taught concepts of road safety and how to move in public spaces. This is all the more important given that by the time they arrive in middle school, future teenagers will often have to learn to travel on their own on longer routes. Influencing the mode of travel from an early age is also the most efficient way to have individual use public transport and active modes more often when they will grow up.

The full booklet is available (in French): here It is extremely visual and can serve as materials to exchange with students, even in another language.

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