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Le 11/12/2020

Picto access: in favour of an inclusive mobility for all

Since 2018, Lille Metropole has been partnering with Picto Access to promote the accessibility of public spaces and buildings.

Picto Access allows people with disabilities and mobility issues to plan their trips and find accessible places according to their situations (hearing-impaired, deaf, visually impaired, blind, elderly, pregnant women...) In France, it concerns as up to half of the population.

The main goal is to promote the accessibility of buildings open to the public, while making facility managers aware of their level of accessibility and the problems it creates for users.

Lille Metropole has identified and communicated the level of accessibility of more than sixty places it manages on its territory. This is an essential step to develop a more inclusive mobility. Ultimately, this mapping will also help public authorities to adapt their strategy and improve accessibility for all.

Picto Access is a local start up developed in Lille Metropole’s territory and supported by Euratechnologies, one of the biggest digital hubs in France. It now provides solutions to public authorities but also companies and transport networks.

How does it work?

Designed around eight pictograms (which cover eight situations of vulnerability) and three colours (green, orange or red depending on the level of accessibility), the solution is displayed on the websites and social networks of the place or equipment concerned.

A “Learn more” link opens a complete and updated sheet that details the access to the relevant site, displays pictures, and the support that can be offered there.

Siding next to Lille Metropole, municipalities such as Lille, Lambersart or Roubaix have also embarked on the adventure to promote accessibility for all.

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