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Le 08/03/2021

MobiliMEL, a mobility platform to help professional integration

MobiliMel is a platform which help remove mobility obstacles in order to facilitate employment opportunities and job retention for people on their way to work.

This platform, created by Lille Metropole, was designed to support people who encounter transport and travel difficulties so they can find mobility solution best suited to their needs.

Dedicated mobility advisors can assist people in their administrative procedures to obtain a transport subscription or the planning of their journey using a map or digital tools. They can even accompany people in buses, metros and trams to help them understand the network better, optimize journeys or learn how to navigate within public transports.

A specific website has been created with a focus on interactive mapping. It brings together essential information to help citizens in their daily mobility whether it is to find a mode of transport (bicycle, public transport, car, etc.) or to research more specific points (purchase, car-sharing, route calculation, financial aid schemes, rental, driver's license, training, etc.).

In service since January 25th 2021, this new tool, unique in France, is part of Lille Metropole’s strategy to prevent and fight poverty and develop a more social and inclusive mobility. Lille Metropole’s teams (economic development, employment, mobility and users /Citizens relationship departments) have collaborated in order develop the most accurate, operational and user-friendly solution to assist people on their way to work.

If you want to test the solution and learn more, follow this link.