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Le 10/09/2020

Lille Metropole’s public policy design lab

Lille Metropole creates its own public policy design lab, a citizens-centered tool to redesign public action and will jost a POC house dedicated to public policy projects

How can public policies be made more accessible to citizens? How can citizens be encouraged to take part in public life? How can we improve the public service experience for users? These are some of the questions Lille Metropole is asking as it steps into the field of public policy design during World Design Capital 2020 with its policy lab.

Public policy involves identifying relevant problems, selecting instruments to address issues, developing institutions for managing interventions, and creating means of assessing design. Policy design for municipalities has become an increasingly challenging task, given the emergence of numerous and complex problems. Much of policy design so far has adopted a more technocratic and/or technical approach. To overcome this drawback, Lille Metropole believes that a more collaborative and prospective approach to design which includes a larger number of stakeholders such as the private sector, citizens or NGOs is needed to take better public policy decisions for all.

In order to respond to societal changes, there is a need for greater proximity between citizens and public sphere and a necessity to shape public services and initiatives of the future together. Therefore, it is essential for administrations to reconsider the tools and methods used to design their public policies.

Embracing this dynamic, Lille Metropole has created a laboratory for public policy design that has three main objectives. First, give Lille Metropole’s civil servants a real appetite to foster its development through field–driven and hands-on design approaches. Second, involve citizens in the design process. Third, provide users with a higher quality public services.

Hosted at Le Biotope, the new Lille Metropole’s headquarters, the activities of the Maison POC (POC centre) Public Action will take place within a dedicated exhibition area in the public policy laboratory, and online. Starting from the 9th of September and for several months, it will be the general observatory for the ‘Public Action’ theme, referring to the government action to ensure the provision of its duties and services to different users.

The Maison POC Public Action will present 30 projects that reflect the dynamic action taken by Lille Metropole and its municipalities, and their capacity to redesign public action. They tackle issues such as food waste management, climate mitigation or temporary occupation of vacant spaces. These projects are both efforts to find solutions to problems emerging in the metropolitan area and sometimes more broadly in society, as well as catalysts for change within public administration by involving more relevant stakeholders. They are opportunities to redesign functions, processes and forms of intervention with the aim of updating public action.