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Le 30/09/2020

Lille Metropole’s pledge in favor of housing and homeless people

Lille Metropole has just signed a pledge in favor of housing and homeless people of the European Pillar of Social right

The Pillar of Social Rights is an initiative launch by the European Commission in 2016 with the objective of delivering new and more effective rights for citizens and showcasing cities engagements. It builds upon 20 key principles, structured around three categories: 

- Equal opportunities and access to the labour market 

- Fair working conditions 

- Social protection and inclusion 


After pledging on 3 principles linked with equal opportunities and access to the labour market in 2019, Lille Metropole is strengthening its effort at the European level by committing to principle 19 in favor of decent and affordable housing and assistance for the homeless.

Our vice-president in charge of housing, Ms. Voituriez presented our pledge in the online conference organized by Eurocities on the 30th of september.

In Lille Metropole, we believe that access to housing is a fundamental right for every citizens. However, with the rise of homelessness, the increase in rent prices and unfit housing, there is a need for an ambitious and coordinated response.  

In order to fight homelessness and provide decent and affordable housing to all, Lille Metropole dedicates 65 million euros per year for housing policies. We are also very engaged in implementing “Housing First” to support homeless people and provide them with housing. We are committed to intensify our efforts to tackle homelessness and to guarantee housing for all. To match our words with actions: 

- We will continue to develop our social observatory for homeless and vulnerable people, because without data and analysis, you cannot deploy adequate solutions ;

- We will build 2 300 new social housing units per year and renovate 2 500 ; 

- We will rehabilitate accommodation centers and build specially adapted housing, boarding houses in particular ; 

- We will keep increasing the accessibility of vulnerable households to social housing, including homeless people ; 

- We will develop more personalized support that combines housing, health, job and social integration, as we firmly believe that those issues need to be addressed as a whole and not separately. 


More inclusive cities are vital to ensure a stronger social Europe. We remain committed to providing housing for all, fighting homelessness, personalizing social support for households, and more globally, encouraging social diversity in our housing policies. In doing so, we aim to achieve the objective of principle 19 of the European Pillar of Social Rights.  

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