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Le 24/03/2023

Lille Metropole’s natural areas season kicks off, for the greatest pleasure of outdoors lovers

Natural areas of Lille Metropole opened on the beginning of March, launching a new season of events around the water theme. Learn more about the program in this article.

The spring season started for Lille Metropole natural areas, with a new programing dedicated to the topical item of water. Symbolical and vital element, natural environment of numerous species, as well as essential resource and source of inspiration and creation, discover the diversity of forms water takes in our everyday lives. 

This theme echoes the metropole Waterguardian project, aiming at protecting the water catchment areas on the metropolitan soil by associating with 26 municipalities that produces 40% of the territory water resources. How do we celebrate, protect and make good use of this resource ? Through 185 events ranging from naturalist walks, theatrical performances, conferences, concerts, to creative and collaborative workshops, you will approach all the questions related to this timely theme. Find out the full program here.

During your next trip to Lille Metropole, take the opportunity to walk around the main natural areas that you can discover here covering 1300 hectares on its grounds.

If you want to have an insight of Lille Metropole's diversity plan a visit to the Mosaïc garden.

Located in Houplin-Ancoisne, the Mosaïc garden was inspired by the Metropole’s inhabitants memories to create an ensemble of 10 gardens, each dedicated to a specific country, region or community. Imagined by the landscapers Jacques Simon, Yves Hubert and Jean-Noël Capart, it was labelled « remarkable garden » by the Minister of Culture and got the Tourism Quality label. In 2023, come experience the new garden dedicated to the German culture and enjoy the park during the Spring Richfest.

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