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Le 01/07/2021

An innovative textile EU project led by EuraMaterials

EuraMaterials, one of the major excellence center in Europe specialized on textile, has been leading the RETEX project in Lille Metropole.

RETEX is an ambitious France-Wallonia-Flanders Interreg project that started in 2016 and is concluding in 2021. Short for recycling textile, RETEX seeks to find way to recycle waste from the textile industry and end-of-life, post-consumer textile products.

A short video presentation of the project is available here

RETEX project partners wanted to develop concrete solutions as close as possible to the expectations of businesses and consumers. The goal was to find ways to restructure the textile value chain to fit the circular economy by promoting the collaboration between the different actors of the textile, recycling and plastic converting (producers and consumers). This collaboration led to the creation of 3 specific textile value chains: 100% cotton, Mix polyester/cotton and 100% polyester. Each undergone industrial trials, economic viability studies and environmental assessments. The results are available online (in French) and 15 technical sheets have been drafted and shared with participants during dedicated workshops (link to the videos).

The project has been co-financed by ERDF trough the INTERREG program for a total of 885.000 euros. It is led by EuraMateriels, one of the sciences and technology Excellence Park located in Lille Metropole and one of the major European cluster for materials processing industries and textile

It gathers more than 180 members including technical textiles SMEs, textile user companies for various kinds of final goods, universities, research and technology transfer centers.

EuraMaterials became a European reference in the field of advanced textile materials. It hosts working groups and assists its members in the definition of projects, helping them to access funding and providing access to a business intelligence platform. Textile, is a key material and the basis of many features in areas such as health, hygiene, industry, transportation, construction, leisure, clothing and protective clothing. EuraMaterials has also been involved projects in the field of new applications for advanced textile materials (medical technology, construction, transport, recycling, etc.).

Euramaterials hosts one of the major R&D and innovation center dedicated to textiles, the European Center for textile innovation (CETI) which conceives, experiments, develops prototypes and manufactures new products and materials and processes with a focus on circular textiles making it an important player in RETEX project.


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