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Le 08/07/2021

Euratechnologies, excellence and innovation, a reproductible model

Among the 8 science and technology parks and centers of excellence developed by Lille Metropole, Euratechnologies can be considered as an emulating model for the other innovation eco-system drivers.

Created by Lille Metropole in 2009, Euratechnologies, IT texcellence center, can boast very impressive results : + 300 companies and startups supported, 4500 employees, + 400 million € raised by startups, … . This incubator / accelerator, hosted in a 10 000 m² flagship building, completely refursbished by Lille Metropole from a former textile factory, has contributed to attract many other companies which settled on this eponymous technology park, in new dedicated building, which offers more than 80 000 m² of office, contributing to transform thoroughly this old industrial district and attract new housing investors and new inhabitants in the neighbourhood.

Dedicated to deep tech, fin tech, cybersecurity, Euratechnologies proposes different programmes aiming at supporting  startup to emerge and then to grow and scale up. At the heart of French Tech Lille, our IT eco-system gathering all stakehoders of the regional digital economy, Euratechnologies organises and hosts over 500 events and meetings each year.  So as to better connect companies to public and private R&D, Euratechnologies hosts as well several technology platforms like CITC, dedicated to IOT and Cybersecurity, and future E-DIH (european digital innovation hub), CEA Tech, addressing industrial innovation and R&D, or  the Shopping innovation Lab, an innovation center which pave the way to the future of the retailing industry. More recently Euratechnologies Park has accommodated a brand new innovation campus, Weenov, dedicated to digital knowledge training.

Euratechnologies is managed by a public / private company mainly owned and funded by Lille Metropole and supported by the Hauts de France Region and the City of Lille.

Euratechnologies is the Economic development pillar of the eco-district “Rives de la Haute Deûle”, one of the major urban renewal districts which are shaping the city upon its industrial heritage.

Following the real success of the economic project run by Euratechnologies, Lille Metropole and the Hauts de France Region have pushed the company to replicate their process in 3 others sites : in Roubaix, with a new site Blanchemaille dedicated to e-commerce, in Willems, with AG Tech, dedicated to IT in agriculture and in St Quentin with a site dedicated to IT in the manufacturing industry.

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