Le 11/05/2022

Discover We Are Europe – The Game, the Jury’s Favourite Prize of the Challenge !

The game may be used as a training support for European culture and communication. This educational board game was awarded the “coup de cœur” prize.

Put Europe in Your Projects is a challenge launched in October 2021 that invites Lille Metropole public officers to develop project ideas in line with the priorities of Lille Metropole and the EU priorities. We Are Europe – The Game was created by a team made of 8 members from 3 departments (HR innovation, central secretariat and the President’s office) and 3 units of Lille Metropole, mainly in charge of communication.

This educational board game invites 4 to 6 players during 90 minutes to discover the major milestones of the European history from 1949 to the present day, while building their metropolis step by step, focusing on major public policies. Accompanied by a facilitator, the participants must collaborate and use their resources wisely to earn European points and hand victory to their team. The most competitive players will not be left out, as they can win the game individually by accumulating victory tokens. At the crossroads between Lille Metropole and the EU priorities, this game makes it possible to raise awareness of the major issues among both internal and external audiences.

This game contributes to put the light on the close links between European and metropolitan policies. Communication and training are perfect leverages to teach people in a funny way and make them better figure out how it works on a daily basis. This is particularly why this game was created to be interactive and let the participants learn practical notions while playing in cooperation. This game could be used during training sessions but also in schools, European info centres and other municipalities.

The creation of the game is rich and innovative. Seven European buildings were modelled and printed thanks to 3D technology by our team in Lille Metropole: the Council of Europe, the European Central Bank, the Berlaymont building of the European Commission, the European Court of Auditors, the Court of Justice of the European Union, the European Parliament and the Europa building. A QR Code on the back of the pieces redirects the players to a website with extra-information on the buildings and their locations in the 4 major European cities: Brussels, Strasbourg, Frankfurt and Luxembourg. These QR codes are also on certain cards with main historic values, illustrated by pictures of important political figures or key moments.

Discover We Are Europe – The Game, the Jury’s Favourite Prize of the Challenge !

A video was realised and published on Youtube to give more insights on the game and how it is played. You can see the clip here.

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