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Le 15/09/2020

Design is capital

Lille Metropole World Design Capital 2020 is back. Joins us and find out how design contributes to make cities greener, fairer and more resilient.

Lille Metropole is the World Design Capital 2020, designated by World Design Organisation in 2017 through a worldwide competitive process.  At the basis of that, lies Lille Metropole’s pioneering design approach  which is driven by the desire to transform our industrial heritage. 

Design is capital : A bold statement, a true conviction, nourished by the history of Lille Metropole, its ability to reinvent itself through creation.

The shaking up of the world by the epidemic shock, the shift, since there is a “before” that has suddenly become obsolete and an “after” to imagine and build, , makes it even more relevant. We have to mend the world. And Design, this “involved art” to use the phrase of Jacques Viénot, one of the visionaries behind the creation of the World Design Organization, is an opportunity and a challenging lever.

Our innovation and experimentation project for design, our proofs of feasibility - our POCs, the proofs of concept - carried by the actors of the territory, the proposals for awakening the imaginations by our exhibition curators, are at the heart of the rediscovery of attention to others, the reinvention of bonds of solidarity, the mobilization of collective intelligence, the awareness of our responsibility vis-à-vis our ecosystem, placed at the forefront of our collective imperatives. They offer solutions, call for going beyond intentions to build them together.

These solutions, we want to share them, discuss them, experiment them with you. You will find them from September 9 in our many exhibitions, our POC Houses and their workshops and conferences, our Design Week in mid-October.

Designers, public policy makers, citizens, entrepreneurs, artists from France, Europe and the world : Lille Metropole is open to you. We welcome you, in-person or online, in the great tradition of hospitality of our territory. We are going to amaze and move the lines together.