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Le 12/05/2021

Colors etc.

Coming soon, an exhibition about the innovative and diverse use of color, linking the past and present with each other.

After being European capital of culture in 2004, the city and the metropolis of Lille decided to maintain the positive wave of transformation enhanced by this event in the city and its region. A lot of concrete metamorphoses took place in different neighborhoods and an enthusiastic popular movement was born. 

By the creation of Lille 3000, the continuation of this wonderful experience became reality.

Every 3 years a big thematic cultural event is organized with expositions, parades, spectacles, urban transformations, … attracting thousands of visitors, like for Bombaysers de Lille in 2006, dedicated to the crossroads between art and modernity in India, Europe XXL in 2009, and more recently Eldorado in 2019 with Mexico as guest of honor.

While waiting for the sixth event since Lille 2004, entitled UTOPIA upcoming in 2022, Lille 3000 will inaugurate in the coming weeks the exhibition “Colors, etc”. in Tripostal, Lille.

In collaboration with the Design Museum Ghent, the exhibition highlights the new and audacious use of color, perceived as a link between the past and the present. It will tickle all our senses and visitors will be invited to explore, feel, hear, color through a series of immersive installations.

In the meantime, will take place “Young colors” in order to highlight young creators who have recently graduated from 11 art schools of Lille Metropole and also from the Belgian cities of Ghent, Kortrijk and Tournai. This first edition brings together 35 artists and echoes to the exhibition “Colors etc”. It aims to provide a generational and professional platform, marking for many creators an important first step in the beginning of their career.

Practical information:

The exhibitions start as soon as pandemic restrictions allows it

  • Colors etc. : Tripostal Lille until 12 sept 2021
  • Young Colors : Institut pour la photographie Lille, until 27 juin 2021

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