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Le 01/07/2021

Blanchemaille hosting a new behavioral lab

A new lab dedicated to analyzing consumer behaviors has been developed within Blanchemaille, Lille Metropole dedicated excellence center dedicated to e-commerce managed by Euratechnolgies.

The MIHX Lab is a Lille University lab with dedicated to carry out behavioral and societal studies, especially for the retail industry, mixing researchers, entrepreneurs and companies.

From its inception, it was thought of as a place able to bring together different actors to share their expertise and their respective challenges to improve marketing research. In addition to its academic vocation, this research center is also aimed at all companies, small or large, wishing to better understand their customers and to improve their offers and approaches.

The lab offers access to cutting-edge technologies (eyes-tracker, face reader) and to original skills (animation of interviews, data analysis, lego serious play) – accompanied by a team of research specialists. The respondents, their comments and their gestures can be recorded during the sessions and dedicated software also make it possible to code all the verbal and non-verbal behaviors of the participants. More than 10 individual test stations allow quantitative studies and experiments to be carried out. The project emerged with the necessity for local companies to adapt to fast-changing marketing trends.

MIHX-LAB is located within Blanchemaille, one of the 8 Lille Metropole startups incubator and accelerator, in Roubaix, dedicated to e-commerce, and has benefitted from the coalition of local actors, Lille Metropole, Lille’s university and the city of Roubaix, convinced of the potential to co-construct solutions between actors from different backgrounds. Blanchemaille has currently over 280 employees, 46 companies and more than 50 startup projects in incubation.

This lab has benefited from European fund (ERDF) to accompany its development with the goal of becoming financially sustainable in the coming years. The next steps will be to increase the visibility of the lab and its ability to address societal topics, which will bring an added value for consumers and not only companies.

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