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Le 06/01/2021

Accelerating Lille Metropole digital transition

In the view to nurture its strategy, Lille Metropole invited Khalil ROHANNA, deputy Director General at DG CNCT, to share insights in the new european digital policies, during the ICC Launch event.

Lille Metropole “Resolutely digital” strategy designed in 2016 paved the way to a first global approach of digitalisation through 50 digitally led projects in various urban, economic, environmental and social policies. However, these projects remained locked in a monothematic approach for technological (lack of interoperability)  and governance (silo approach) reasons. In the view to prepare its new digital strategy 2021-2026, Lille Metropole signed the “Join, Boost, Sustain” declaration on digital transformation in Porto last year and succeeded in the Intelligent Cities Challenge (ICC).

The  1st Lille Metropole ICC launch event in December gave the floor to Khalil ROUHANA, Deputy Director-General at DG CNECT, European Commission to share with the local stakeholders (SMEs, NGO’s, academics, municipalities and Lille Metropole officials ) insights  on the new European digital strategy  : data governance, digital platform regulation, data infrastructure investment plan, cybersecurity, IA, … . Serge NOVARETTI, Digital policy officer at DG CNECT, highlighted 2 main tools which cities should invest in to accelerate their digital transition, urban data platform and digital twins, recommending Member states to facilitate such investment by cities through their national recovery plans, funded by the European Recovery and Resilience Facility.