Social transition


Being competent in terms of urban, housing, youth and social policies, Lille Metropole is greatly committed into improving the living conditions of its 1.2 million citizens and reducing urban poverty as well as social inequities, by developing public housing policies, supporting social economy and implementing innovative employment measures.

For instance, one of the urban region top priority is to ensure that every citizen has access to a decent accommodation at a fair price. Therefore, Lille Metropole has developed an important social housing programme, by constructing or rehabilitating numerous housing units, as part of its fight against indecent dwelling. 

Lille Metropole Social competencies : 

  • Housing policy
  • Employment policy
  • Youth policy
  • Urban planning
  • Roma integration

Lille Metropole social policies interests :

  • European Cohesion Policy
  • European Pillar of Social Rights
  • Urban Agenda
  • Erasmus +
  • Gender Equity

Cohesion policy in Lille Metropole

Tast'in Fives Urban Innovative Actions (UAI)

In order to tackle social issues occurring in the priority district of Fives, Lille Metropole is developing an original and innovative action in the shape of a collective kitchen that would stand as the district epicentre.

Indeed, this kitchen would provide a shared space to socialize, attend to workshops against waste and malnutrition as well as creating an ecosystem of training and job opportunities in the food-processing industry.

Amount of EU subsidies : 372M€ (2014-2020)

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The UAI "Tast'in Fives" develops a community kitchen for the local underprivileged inhabitants
The UAI "Tast'in Fives" develops a community kitchen for the local underprivileged inhabitants

EYES (Interreg FWV) 

the EYES project, that aims to develop a collaborative and inclusive way to insert young NEET (Not in Education, Employment or Training) in the labour market. 

Project cost : 403 420€
Amount of EU subsidies : 242 051€ (2014-2020)

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Lille Metropole social housing actions

2012-2019 Metropolitan Programme for the Requalification of Old Degraded Neighborhoods

Another point of focus of Lille metropole is the rehabilitation of neighbourhoods with high stakes of degraded housing and a particularly fragile economic situation.

To that extent, Lille metropole designed the 2012-2019 Metropolitan Programme for the Requalification of Old Degraded Neighbourhoods. This strategy aims to rehabilitate vacant housing and to enhance urban community spaces.


Urban renewal programme

This programme aims to redevelop social housing units in order to improve housing conditions in priority neighbourhoods. Up until now, in the 7 districts targeted by this strategy, more than 3000 social housing units have been demolished and reconstructed and more than 1400 housing units have been rehabilitated.

Budget : 1.238B€



Lille Metropole employment actions

Zero long-term unemployment territory programme

Following the initiative from "ATD Quart-Monde" social NGO, Lille metropole participates to the "Zero long-term unemployment territory programme" which aims to drastically lower long-term unemployment rates in two districts from the metropolitan region. The process consists in the creation of a company positioned on non-competitive activities that hires unemployed people on permanent contracts. This associative business runs several activities such as carpentry, solidarity grocery, IT, support to inhabitants/local NGOs.

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