Plaine Images, European hub dedicated to creative industries

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Le 08/07/2021

Plaine Images, European hub dedicated to creative industries

Incubator and business accelerator at the center of an urban renovation project, “Plaine Images” stimulates convergence between the entrepreneurial world, education, and research

Located on a former industrial site of 5 hectares with exceptional rehabilitated architecture, “Plaine Images” is also part of an eco-neighborhood of 80 hectares between Tourcoing and Roubaix two main cities of the Lille Metropole urban area. This complete ecosystem dedicated to creative industries (audiovisual, Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality, design, video games, serious game/e-learning, animation, edtech, musictech, digital marketing, events) brings together 140 companies, 1 800 employees, 4 schools, 1 incubator, film and sound studios, a playtest laboratory and a Virtual Reality immersive lab. 

From start-up to international company, “Plaine Images” promotes business development and stimulates convergence. The entrepreneurial world, education, and research are aggregated on the same urban space and around the same theme. This singularity makes it possible to produce value and strengthen the territorial and economic attractiveness of Lille metropole. The figures speak for themselves because today the 140 companies located on “Plaine Images” generate 120 million euros economic benefits per year.  

Beyond being a European hub of creative industries, “Plaine Images”, organized around a vast public pedestrian area, bordered by 25 000 m² of new or rehabilitated buildings, and its totem location: the Imaginarium (8 000 m² coworking space open to all, incubator, business hotel), also allowed to unlock the site by creating a shared place of life open to the whole neighborhood.  Every day, employees and companies meet the inhabitants who have appropriated the space for sports practices, walks, shared gardens, hives, exhibitions... 

With 4 schools and higher education courses installed on the site, also more than 500 students come to train themselves in direct link with the companies. 

The quality of life of the people who frequent the place is enhanced by different catering and recreation services. In this way “Plaine Images” creates not only economic but also urban added value. 


An ecosystem open to the world 

“Plaine Images” builds international relations with recognised partners involved in the creative industries. From Montreal to Shenzhen, the ambition is to engage in bilateral exchanges that contribute to the outreach and development of businesses.  

Internationalisation is part of the strategy of the companies based in “Plaine Images”, and this from the incubation phase. A specific support program is therefore offered to entrepreneurs wishing to set up or strengthen themselves in a geographical area.  It includes the organisation of regular awareness-raising workshops with experts in the field, as well as the launching of missions abroad.   

For companies in the creative industries that want to establish themselves in Europe and launch their international development, Plaine Images is the most comprehensive dedicated European ecosystem.