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Le 25/11/2022

“Les Temporelles” 2022: time-based approach against climate change

Lille Metropole organized Les Temporelles on September 22 on the following topic: "Time is running out, let's adapt our rhythms!”

Les Temporelles is an annual event organized in partnership with the “Tempo Territorial” network, the national network of actors of time-based approaches. City representatives, institutions and individuals were invited. The 2022 edition was an opportunity to question our life rhythms impact on climate and biodiversity and to consider the time-based approach as a tool in favor of ecological transition. "This year, we are highlighting actions to adapt our cities to the ongoing climate change," said Patrick Vassallo, Tempo Territorial Vice President. Mrs. Linkenheld, Lille Metropole Vice-President in charge of Climate, Ecological Transition and Energy, did indeed recall the importance of metropolitan time-based policies to mitigate climate change and adapt the territory to its effects.

During Les Temporelles, a conference, two round tables and a debate took place. The conference was about the art of imagining futures. Mathieu Baudin, historian and director of the Institut des Futurs Souhaitables, spoke about uchrony as a way of shaping innovative, different and more desirable future.

Then, the first round table took place on the intensification and diversification of building uses. Climate change is pushing cities towards sobriety, particularly in terms of resources. In this new approach, both principles of malleability and mutability of buildings are central. “Lille Low Carbon Pact” adopted in 2021 illustrates this approach. For example, the 150 signatories (architects, design offices, etc.) are committed to make buildings that adapt over time.

A second round table on sustainable mobility was about travel temporality, given the fact that transportation is the leading greenhouse gases emitter. In this context, Lille Metropole has adopted a transition project in which "one of the major levers will be the change in mobility behaviors," announced Céline Depière, head of Studies and Travel Plans Department, Mobility Directorate at Lille Metropole. Metropolitans will be encouraged to use public transport and active mobility such as cycling and walking. The goal is to cut gas emissions by 40% by 2035.

Finally, the debate on adapting our lifestyles to energy constraints allowed participants to discuss the energy crisis in Europe and the time-based solutions to ensure that everyone has enough energy in the coming weeks. “There are a lot of little things we can do (heating, lighting, cooking) that, when put together, will allow us to get through the winter without any problems," said François Boulet, Director of Lille Operations Center at Réseau de Transport d'Électricité (RTE).

Concisely, three words can sum up Les Temporelles 2022 according to Cédric Hardy, Director of User Relations, Citizenship and Youth at Lille Metropole: imagination, proximity and adaptability. Although both geopolitical and energy crisis complicate things, let remember, "You don't give up trying to save the ship in the storm just because you can't stop the wind from blowing" (Thomas Moore).

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