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Le 31/03/2023

Do you really know what a fake news is ? “La Condition Publique” last exhibit will tell you.

“La Condition Publique” launched its cultural season with the inauguration of the Fake News exhibition on 23 March in Roubaix, an invitation to reflect upon our rapport with information.

Fake news (n): news that are intentionally and verifiably false, designated to manipulate people’s perceptions of real facts, events, and statements.

But how does one recognize a fake news, regarding the diversity of forms it entails and its risks ? This is the core of the new “La Condition Publique” exhibit.

Compiling different artworks that alert and question the proliferation of fake news in our hyper-wired world, the “Fake News : art, fiction, lie” exhibition upheld by the EDF Foundation triggers our critical eye, bringing us to reflect on how to decrypt fake news and their mechanism. An invitation to question our relation with information, truth and deception on topics such as identity and history. Through the prism of their vision, artists invite us to consider the thin line between what we call the “truth” and the “fake”.

Hosted by “La Condition Publique”, the exhibit was inaugurated on 23 March. As part of the main metropolitan architectural heritage site, this former textile-packaging warehouse located in Roubaix was purchased by Lille Metropole in 2004 and since then fully rehabilitated to become a cultural factory and a living, working and artistic exhibition space at the same time. “La Condition Publique” also hosts a concert hall, exhibition halls, recording studios, artists’ workshops and a restaurant.

Open to visitors until 16 July, 2023, the exhibition entry is according to “free pricing” (you can give what you like) and is free for people under 18.

Guided visits are organized every Saturday at 4:30PM

More infos: – La Condition Publique, 14 place Faidherbe, 59100 Roubaix, France

La Condition Publique
La Condition Publique, cultural factory - Roubaix