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Le 25/11/2022

“Circular Fashion Awards”: a European event organized in Lille Metropole!

From November 14 to 27, 2022, Lille Metropole hosted the "Circular Fashion Fortnight" during which the European Circular Fashion Awards were presented

During this fortnight, many events such as conferences, workshop, visits and exhibitions took place in order to raise awareness about circular fashion and to encourage practice and behavior change. 

One of the fortnight highlights was the Circular Fashion Trophies award ceremony on Friday 18 November at the Théâtre du Nord in Lille. Lille Metropole organized the second edition of the Circular Fashion Awards, in partnership with the Agency for the Environment and Energy Management (ADEME), the Hauts-de-France Region and the Eurometropole Lille-Kortrijk-Tournai agency. The aim is to promote eco-design, recycling and new distribution methods in both fashion and clothing sector.

The 2022 Circular Fashion Awards session took on a European dimension: it is part of the European Week for Waste Reduction agenda, whose theme this year is textiles.

Twenty-seven projects were in the running for seven trophies and two "Coup de Coeur" awards of up to 10,000 euros. On November 18, Bernard HAESEBROECK, Vice President in charge of the economy, employment, research and higher education, and Audrey LINKENHELD, Vice President in charge of the ecological and energy transition at Lille Metropole, awarded Lille Metropole "Coup de Coeur" prize to "Juin fait le Lin". ‘Juin fait le Lin’ mission is to put natural and local materials like linen back at the heart of our uses.

Lille Metropole is very committed to circular economy in the textile industry. During the industrial era, the textile industry largely contributed to the identity of Lille Metropole, but then lost its momentum. Today, the industry is once again creating jobs with the presence of numerous players and a dedicated site of excellence: the European Center for Innovative Textiles (CETI). In this changing economic-industrial landscape, Lille Metropole has made the textile industry, and particularly sustainable textiles, one of the four priority industries in the region.

Lille Metropole has also responded to the European Commission's consultation on the European Union's Sustainable Textile Strategy, which aims to facilitate the EU's transition to an economy based on the sustainability, reusability, reparability and recycling of materials including textiles.